DjJuzVille (Host and Presenter of the Hipco Joint ) Interview with reggae star NE OH William .

DjJuzVille: how old were you when you left Liberia?

NE OH William: Like around eight (8)years old, I went to Ghana. I left Liberia as a baby to Ivory Coast, came back to LIB on a flight from Guinea in 1993. Than back to Ghana in 1997.

DjJuzVille: Can you share some of your experiences in Ghana ?

NE OH William: I used to work as a coffee attendant in a club called White flowers and also worked in the pool room. I used to love playing soccer, my best friends was Mohammed Varney and Solomon Grimes. The both of them are playing for the Liberia National team, Lone Star. I grew up with Abel Geno he’s playing for Lone Star also, just scored two goals recently.

DjJuzVille: Which State do you reside in ?

NE OH William: Im presently in North Dakota, been here almost two years since I left the East Coast.
My residential state is Rhode Island also Planning on moving to Utah and around LA And Vegas few weeks from now.

DjJuzVille: Where are your parents from ?

NE OH William: My Father is a Native Liberian and mother from Sierra Leone.
DjJuzVille: How can fans gain access to your music ?

NE OH William: you can find my music on

DjJuzVille: What are the downside of being a celebrity ?

NE OH William: The downside is the journey to the top, and finding the right people to be in your corner when you begin the journey.
respect to Dj BabyBoy..

DjJuzVille: What are some of your hobbies?

NE OH William : I love Working on cars and playing pool..

DjJuzVille: What has been the most challenging period in your life..?

NE OH William: Leaving my family , being on the streets chasing the dream. Also persuading my African parents to believe and see my vision.

DjJuzVille: Are you in a relationship..?
NE OH William: Yes I am.

DjJuzVille: How can fans follow your work ?

NE OH William: Im on Facebook. Google Ne-oh William and there will be links to connect with me.

DjJuzVille: How do you feel about foreign Artists walking away with huge sum of money after shows , in comparison to Liberian Musicians ?

NE OH William: It hurts me a lot. That is why I work hard . Its good to invite foreign musicians , however we should bare in mind , Liberians are still building the entertainment industry . Our artists need attention and need to be taken seriously. We want taste our own fruit first before we share.
DjJuzVille: Are you currently working on any features ?

NE OH William: I got something coming up with, Chiller Coonanee, K Zee and Scientific.

The world biggest Artists Showcase, November 8, 2016. Many thanks to you DjJuzVille for the platform .