Elvis Juasemai, Kaifa Yamah , Dj Blue , Milkman . What do these names have in common ? They are innovators taking risks , generating ideas , bringing those ideas to reality .

Elvis Juasemai is the Founder of Tunes Liberia , A Music streaming service. Tunes Liberia has been around for over a year . The company launched  its music App earlier this month .  Elvis explains how the android App work   “The App has several features , it is linked to our Facebook , twitter and main website . It can be downloaded and installed on any android phone or tablet .This allows easy access to the Tunes Liberia Website . There are future plans to have the app on google play store . App users will receive notifications of recent posts and uploads ” . The site total average download per day is roughly 5,000. Tunes Liberia music chart is influenced by number of views as well as downloads .

” In 5 years Tunes Liberia will be a worldwide streaming service . Our aim is to promote Liberia , wether it be entertainment , sports etc. We hope our website will give liberian music the exposure it needs in Africa and internationally . My team is working tirelessly to achieve our goal . ” – Elvis Juasemai

Milkman, musically known as ‘ New Max ‘ is a Broadcaster at Sky Communications inc based in Liberia. His first album called ‘ No more war ‘ featured a few big names ( HV of the group 2kings, Kzee , Mondaygar) . Milkman has since gone into radio broadcasting in order to push Liberian entertainment.
“ If we or majority of our musicians were exposed and informed about the music business as well as entertainment business, we would go far in the game ” – Milkman
The musician turned broadcaster formed a Liberian Music and Movies forum to discuss issues stalling growth within the industry . The Entertainment Networking Group Chat has over 250 Participants. It is open to professionals and emerging talent involved in Liberian entertainment.

Kaifa Yamah investment and contribution to Liberian entertainment is vast .  The Entrepreneur is the Founder of the LMA ( Liberia Music Award) and owner of BIG FM. The Annual Award show is held in the United States . Liberian Artists travel from Europe , Canada , Australia , Liberia , and across America to attend the Award ceremony . Kaifa Love for Liberian entertainment lead to the establishment of BIG FM . The radio station is the home of Liberian music , where Dj’s are advised to only play Liberian music.

Hot FM 107.9 Top 75 Playlist was launched by Bernard Benson , also known as DJ Blue . Bernard is Blue Links record executive and owner of Hot FM Liberia . The songs on the playlist will be played for a period of three months . That’s three months of free air play and promotion . DJ Blue aim is to set a standard ; in hope that Liberian Musicians will produce quality music to gain a spot on the Top 75 Playlist .