Liberia Zoko’s are heading in a positive direction.  Some “Zoko” sell water to earn a living . Up and coming musician Pillz raps on their behalf . Pillz version of Desiigner popular debut song ‘Panda’ is the new heat on the street. The Freestyle titled ‘Zoko’ is uplifting the young men and women Liberians once frowned upon . The Rapper , Singer and Song writer raps about the daily struggles zoko’s face. She urges the Liberian government to provide jobs and training for “zoko’s”. Liberia national police are hot on the trails of the homeless felons who have run rampant in the capital city for years committing crimes. “zoko”  is a Liberian colloquia label used to describe drug addicts living on the street . Zoko’s are known for legal and illegal trades. They are hustlers who will do anything for money . Pillz suggestions in her fiery freestyle warrant serious consideration .