The Iconic producer is known for producing these hit songs ‘One man , one cup ‘ by Dream Team , as well as Noy Z ‘ I Boke You ‘ .

Liberian Music 

“Not much has changed in terms of entertainment. If you’re talking about production, the guys have gotten better but not very creative when it comes to the evolving Liberian sound. The artists/producers nowadays need to draw more from our culture, kind of like the Nigerians, South Africans and so forth. We need to showcase our culture in our music. Stop trying to sound Nigerian or South African. We need to realise that we are not Liberian by mistake. We must cherish who we are”

” HipCo comes from two ideas. Hip hop and Liberian pidgin English ( Colloquial ) . The kids used to like hip hop but in order to reach the mass market, we needed to talk like the masses. ”


” Am still in entertainment. I use to work mainly on music , I’m considered one of the originators of HipCo. We as Liberians need to realise that we have one of the best countries in the world and should be proud of being Liberian. Honestly, we can all do better. The producers need to learn more about producing and the artists need to learn more about their craft.”

” As for the bloggers, in my opinion the primary audience of Liberian entertainment doesn’t have that kind of access to the Internet. You guys are doing well with the exposure in the diaspora but until our musicians can reach their primary audience, things will be difficult for them .”

Liberian Musicians VS Foreign Musicians 

” Liberian artists have great talent but they need to understand that this is business , not charity. Learning more about the music business will enable them to move to the next level. To be real, I don’t think there is a payment gap. The artists need to work on growing their audiences. Quick question, are they listening to our music in these countries we invite foreign artists from? ”

” Audience is the key. Remember the four P’s of marketing .

Product, Price, Place,  Promotion. The artists here need to see their advantage and seize it. They’re on the ground, so they should work on getting a larger audience. If an artist could fill out a venue like SKD which takes about 35,000 people, there would be no need for foreign artists period. ”

Management and Mentoring 

” Mentoring? Managing? , I Still have the bitter taste from trying to do that before. The artists are a little difficult to deal with  I think they feel they know a lot about the music business . ”

” The market in Liberia is peculiar. Most people listen to music on their phones and storage is an issue. People are constantly changing. We could work out something but it would be difficult to police. I believe our best bet is performance. Artists need to make this their main source of income.”

Do you think Liberian musicians should have something to fall back on , or do you believe they will eventually reach superstar status ?

” The plan A and plan B thing is a chicken or egg question. Some great thinkers say a plan B isn’t necessary because it distracts from plan A. Others say a plan B is always good. I believe that if you want something, prepare yourself to go get it and go after it with all your might”. – Tom Holder