JB & Shinning Man make up the group Soulfresh . They are a rap duo signed to Champions Design , under the management of a well-connected business man , Edwin Tisdell . The group reside in Liberia , but spent some months in China earlier this year .

Soulfresh work ethic and consistency is unmatched. Their brand goes beyond music , they are ambassadors for XL energy drink . The group famous catch phrase “ No Case” merchandise can be purchased at Champion Designs head office in Monrovia Liberia . Soulfresh launched a music video disk (Hostage) in 2015 , followed by performances at different venues in Monrovia . The award-winning Hip Co group had support and backing from other well-known  Liberian musicians ; who took to the stage to entertain thousands of fans at Royal Plus , Sports Commission, Logan Town Cinema and Miami Beach .
The group began promotion for ‘ One Million Fans’ in November, calling on millions of fans to show appreciation . The concert  was held on Bernard Beach , December 11 2016 . JB called the concert “The rebirth of Liberian music”  . The Event was Sponsored by , Cellcom , Hot fm 107.9 , Club Beer , Razzouk Bros and XL Energy Drink . HipCo King Takun J made an appearance . A handful of musicians lit the stage with incredible performances . Soulfresh didn’t fail to entertain their fans either. Due to an abrupt change , the show ended in chaos. However, I had the pleasure of interviewing JB from ‘ Soul fresh’.
The Genesis of Soul fresh Interview :

Where did you & Shinning Man meet ?
“We met in December 2005 on Shinning Man school talent show, he saw me doing my thing and I saw him too. He came out to me and we became friends . We started practicing together.”
What was the tittle of your first song together and who produced it ?
“ Monrovia skatta was our first and it was produced by Pochano at Wat Eva Record.”
How long have you guys been in the game ?
“ We have been in the music game for 10 years now.”
What motivated you to pursue a career in music ?
“ I grew up in a home of born talent. Coming up as a kid , I use to sing in church.
The fever for writing my own songs came when I was in the 11th grade.”
What is the inspiration behind your new song Red Bank ?
“ Red bank is an old saying and it simply refers to people who spend all their hard earn money womanizing with no benefit. The inspiration is deep. But to cut it short, we want to remind the present generation the mistakes of our fathers that had lots of opportunities those days but now have nothing to show. All left in the red bank.”
What have you learnt from your management & team about the music business ?
“ I learned a lot. How to carry myself as an artist. The do’s and don’t. How to keep my fans alive with hits songs. And lastly, how to embed the name Soul Fresh in every mouth of music lovers.”
Describe your average fan ?
“ one million fans, from the Ghetto, Church , Mosque , Government etc . We have fans in every sector. Africa and the world.”
What was your most memorable moment from the 1 Million Fans show ?
“We promised our fans and lot of people doubted us. We did it last year and we doubled the numbers. That was what made the show memorable.”
What did you learn from the show ‘ 1 Million Fans’ ?
“ Just to name a few. Security, stage management, and timing.”
What can fans look forward to in 2017 ?
“ In 2017 , more work, audio and videos, focusing beyond Liberia. And the One Million HipCo fiesta.”
Do you have any words to share with  your fans and supporters ?
“ To the fans and supporters keep the support coming and we promise not to let you down.”

Written By
Marie Kwende Collins
Founder of Liberia Music Insider