Throughout his decade-and-a-half long career, rapper Scientific has released social commentaries on the ills in society. Even his love songs have social sides to them.

As Liberia 2017 general election approaches, Scientific kicked off his Peace Campaign in the Township of West Point in anticipation of the likelihood that the upcoming election may be free of violence.
While on the peace campaign, freelance writer Robin Dopoe Jr of LIB Life spoke to the rapper about his new initiative.

What is ‘ Scientific for Peace 2017’ initiative about ?
Scientific: I’m starting this Scientific for Peace initiative to plead with Liberians that no matter the outcome of next year’s election, no one should engage in violence. This is not about politics or anyone’s political ambition, but the love of Mama Liberia.
What do you hope to achieve ? 
Scientific: It is difficult to achieve peace when people are hurt; but nothing is impossible. As a neutral person, I’m going to work tirelessly to make sure that peace is achieved. I believe that with this initiative, the young people will see the need to abstain from any form of violence.
How will the peace message be carried out?
Scientific: Our campaign strategy includes hosting a free concert, which will be done in the entire political subdivision of Liberia with the message that Liberia is all we have; therefore it is very important for every Liberian to help maintain the peace.
Also, we are going to work with young people who will be our foot soldiers to continue carrying our message of peace.
We are going to use the media to help us spread this message, and also use missionary techniques by going into the communities to hold discussions with community dwellers. A jingle, banner and a single will be done to promote this noble cause.
In some cases people start initiatives to enrich themselves, how will this Scientific for Peace initiative be different?
Scientific: My gain is peace for Liberia and once we have that in our nation everybody gains or benefits. I’m not concerned with enriching myself.
Who is sponsoring this initiative?
Scientific: Scientific for Peace is sponsored by me (Science Nation), Junda Morris Kennedy (my publicist) and WondaWorld.

Is there anything else you want to add?
Scientific: I just want to tell Liberian people to vote wisely in the 2017 Election. And most of all, vote for peace. God bless our Nation.

written by Robin Dopoe Jr.

Liberia Music Insider guest Blogger and Freelance Writer .