NYONTOE is an emerging artist residing in the U. S . The Liberian native is signed to Growna music Record . In the song ‘ Liar Ambassador’ the singer confidently show off her vocal range . The listener finds Him/Herself on a musical journey . Liar Ambassador is a song everyone can relate to . We’ve all experienced coming into contact with somebody who doesn’t always tell the full truth . This song proves Liberian artists are on path and have the skill and ability to break barriers.

NYONTOE manager Derick Danso explained the following

“growna comes from the Liberian slang grona. We added the w which stands for “growth” in our journey. so that makes it growna. because we are growing from point A to point B. And most of all, we live in the States. There are three ways to do things here. The right way, the wrong way, and the growna way. That’s how you get Growna Way Music. Even recording our E.P. we had to do things the growna way because we didn’t have all the necessary tools and equipment. but we still did it. we did it the growna way ”


Listen to Liar Ambassador Here : https://www.soundcloud.com/user-962976062/liar-ambassador