Liberian music fans have seen many renowned entertainers brought into the country . Nigerian superstars , Flavour and Tekno, recently held concerts in Liberia ; although the entertainment sector lacks development, advancement and progressive movement – some music insiders view these concerts as a step in the right direction .

Liberian Promoters pay foreign musicians hefty fees to perform in liberia , which has sparked numerous debates over the years amongst fans and media personals.  Unfortunately this is a long-term trend which is somewhat crippling the growth of liberia entertainment sector .

These “promoters ” are business owners , taking risks to gain profitable returns on their investment . It wouldn’t be a bad thing if it did not have a negative impact on Liberian musicians ; The concerts tend to have a bunch of liberia famed artists involved, in a ploy to boost the number of attendees . Within five years , there has been some “Big Names ” in Africa entertainment , blessing our venues with top – notch Performances for big bucks –  Despite the fact that most Liberian musicians net worth is below 1000 USD and few own real estates, cars or earn substantial income from their music ( because there is no system in place, eg  copy right protection , tracking of music sales and distribution, record companies ,  Paid to play royalty stream ect).

Liberian Artists have yet to gain ( life changing ) benefits or great exposure from their participation on the shows . The local artists have reportedly gone home with hundreds, whilst their foreign counterparts jet off with thousands.

With much to learn , Liberian musicians pledge support to the organizers by entertaining  thrilled audience members , eager to see Africa very best ( foreign musicians ) live in concert .

In all fairness, the foreign artists are simply doing what they were called to do  . We ( Liberians ) should work on strengthening the entertainment sector , so we can promote development in Liberia .

The Musicians Union of Liberia (MULIB) is nonfunctional . Absence of Laws and Regulations to protect as well as aid musicians lead to damaging outcomes  – which affect the industry growth  .

Introduction of structure : 

Because an understanding of the structure of the music industry is essential ; we have listed individuals , professionals and organizations that operate in the music industry .




Music publishers

Live Music

Record Labels

Recording Studios

Retail & Online music stores

Profit / Performance rights organizations

Booking agents

Road Crew


Talent managers

Business managers

Entertainment Lawyers

DJ ‘s

Music Journalists / Critics


Music Educators / Teachers

Press Agent


Collection Societies

The Media

Sound Engineers

Music Producers

A vibrant music economy drives value for cities in several important ways. It fuels job creation, economic growth, tourism development and artistic growth, and strengthens a city’s brand. A strong music community also attracts highly skilled young workers in all sectors for whom quality of life is a priority. This in turn attracts business investment.- Amy Terrill , Vice President of Public Affairs, Music Canada

There is hope. However , it will take a handful of passionate music insiders to ensure Liberia music reach a global market .

Written By : Marie Kwende Collins 

Founder , Liberia Music Insider 

Featured image : ConCoins , Munnah , C.I.C