Thousands gathered over the weekend ( friday and Saturday ) to pay their last respects to Liberia fallen star Quincy B.

The Afro Pop singer / music producer was laid to rest on the 25th of March 2017 . Quincy B most anticipated music video for his single ‘ My Pledge ‘ featuring Liberian songstress ‘ Sweetz ‘ was released on Friday the 24th ( Day of his Wake ) . The music video official release date / launch party was planned for the 11th of march 2017 – However Quincy lost his life on the 3rd of march,  in a fatal car crash . Prior to his passing , ‘ My Pledge ‘ was hot on the music charts and trending.

Blog sites fueled rumors of a possible romance between Quincy B and Sweetz ; they shared intense sexual chemistry in the one minute music video teaser posted on Quincy social media handle .( Romance rumours neither confirmed or denied )

Quincy B frequently refered  to hisself as “Mr All The Time ” . ALM Records along with his management team , combined his greatest hits onto an Album  titled ‘Mr All The Time’ ( released , March 22nd) .  The Album is available to purchase on ITunes .

Purchase Quincy B smash hits below :

Liberia Music Insider staff extends its condolences and deepest sympathy to Quincy. L Burrowes family , friends, fans and ALM Records . Even though Liberia mourns , Quincy Music lives on . He is gone,  but will never be forgotten .