Nah Wleetu Bio: 
Nah Wleetu is not an ordinary artist. He is one of the few classical musicians in Liberia whose lyrics and powerful voice have aided in the rapid progression of classical gospel and inspirational music in the country.
Unlike other musicians who struggle to establish their musical identity, and laboriously try different musical styles to see which one suits them – Nah has full command of his craft; which sets him part from the others and make him a force to be reckoned with, within the music industry .
His impressive collection of work  speak volumes, cuts across all genres and has continued to grab new fans and inspire music lovers, whether they are fans of classical music or not.

Nah discovered his musical talent at a tender age during a high school pageant rehearsal when he was nominated by a friend to fill in a slot. After singing one line of the chosen song, he left the entire audience mesmerized, including the principal. Nah didn’t take music seriously until he reached his adult years because of the lack of support in the entertainment industry .

He explains: “Although I was not thinking about pursuing a career in music at an early age, I would still write songs every day and practice them . After so many years, I took interest in music and started to take my career to another level. I started playing the guitar and piano to broaden my horizons even more.”

Despite the challenges, which has a lot to do with funding and trends of music buying in Liberia – Nah released his debut album in 2006 ( classical music  was not fully appreciated at the time) . Fast forward to present day, the fan base for classical music has increased.

Born 1985, Nah ( a philosopher who graduated from the University of Liberia) went to a catholic primary and secondary school. He is of mixed Kru and Grebo heritage and is a proud Liberian.

New Music
Songs to expect from his upcoming album are the classical gospel tunes ; So Many Reasons, He Cannot, Our Father (The Lord’s Prayer), Open Up Your Heart, Pouring, and Holy You Holy Me.
Be on the look-out for “Raise This Lone Star,” a patriotic song dedicated to all Liberians.

Written by guest blogger : Robin Dopoe JR