The song ‘Shut Up’ will be the afro pop singer first independent record . It was announced last week, the star was let go by his record label – Bilikon Entertainment .

In a Press Release ,the label CEO wrote the following .
“ I  saw pure talent when I first saw you sometime in 2015. You were challenging from the beginning with your appearance but now I’m proud to call you one owe the best dressed artist in Liberia. I’m sincerely proud of the artist you have become and don’t regret a single moment we spent together. I could go on with lots of good things to say about you but, you know how the saying goes na. Every good things/Time must come to an end. You
have grown in the market so fast and there’s no way I can keep up with you. Unfortunately, I don’t have the finance to move you to the next level but I believe you are up to something great ahead. It’s time to spread your wings now and make me more proud. I love you kid but from this day forward, I can no longer serve as your manager. Wish you well kid. I’m still your big brother.” – Lyee Bility

The news shocked fans as well as the media. Kobazzie did not address the press release, instead the musician is hitting back with ‘Shut Up’ ; a song beautifully sung in his native tongue ( Lorma ) . There is no stopping this musical genius.  Fans and Dj’s were buzzing at the prospect of another hit record to be released soon by the Lorma boy .

Listen to Kobazzie ‘Shut Up’ below

Release date : 23/5/2017